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Modern means of communication allow doing business on a real-time basis in all parts of the earth. Still there are situations when your personal presence is necessary, for example, at serious negotiations. Sometimes you need to arrive to the meeting as quickly as possible. This is what business aviation exists for. Private plane is not only criterion of prestige and success of a company, but often a vital necessity. Experienced specialists of our company will help you to choose optimal air craft taking into account the route, time en-route, plane characteristics and maximum comfort.

Business air transportation is a respectively new type of activity for our country. However, freight of a small plane becomes more and more popular.
And in this situation “InterServiceVL” can become the best assistant for you. We will not only help you to choose an ideal plane for your targets, but we will also do everything possible to make your flight maximally comfort; but we will also help on the ground:

- You will quickly pass all post-flight procedures;
- Reserved VIP-hall will await for you; 
- We will make a hotel reservation for you;  
- We will rent a limousine.

“InterServiceVL” company has been working in the area of VIP air transportation for a long time and on a highly professional level and it is ready to organize a flight to any point on the earth by any type of aircrafts for you at any moment. At the same time we will take all questions on flight organization and maintenance both in the air and on the ground upon ourselves.

Not only high professionalism and reliability, but also careful attention to our customers and our willingness to fulfill your wishes with high efficiency and accuracy distinguish our company.


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