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We offer a wide variety of services in the area of cargo air operations. The company works closely with the leading cargo carriers of the country and can also arrange a cargo charter to any point of the earth at a time convenient to you; we will also help you to select an aircraft which meets a certain task to the utmost level. 

“InterServiceVL” company carries out cargo air operations all over Russian Federation, CIS and also to foreign countries. Cargo air transportation is the most convenient, the quickest and often the only possible method to deliver your cargo to distant points of the country and the world. Experience of our employees allows us to select the route, time and aircraft type for your cargo so that its delivery is carried for an optimal price.

Guarantee of quality and reliability are basic concepts of the work of our company. This is what our numerous customers could assure of for many years. Now many of them choose “InterServiceVL” when it is necessary to deliver cargo of any complexity to any point of the world quickly and safely.

Many years’ experience in the area of air cargo transportation and individual approach to fulfillment of transport tasks help us to provide air cargo operation with reliability and performance. When dealing with us you can be sure that your cargo will be delivered exactly and in time and it will require no extra efforts and disturbance of you.


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