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Международный аэропорт "Внуково"

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Туристическая компания "ICS Group"



An essential condition of air carrier’s competitive ability is qualitative and effective ground handling of aircrafts. Our company offers the whole complex of services in this area and we are ready to provide you the following services at a high level: 

• Air crafts fueling with aerial combustible and lubricant materials and also other necessary handling of planes, including handling in foreign airports.
• Specialists of “InterServiceVL” company will provide you with handling service in foreign airports including intermediary between airports and air carriers which is necessary for organization of flights maintenance and service at a high level (i.e. quickly and effectively). Our experience allows us to minimize expenses for aircraft service in airports, thus saving your time and budget.
• We will provide meal order for you.
• We will offer you supervisor service. In case of flight delay meal and accommodation in hotels, if necessary, will be offered to your passengers.
• We can offer you services on organization of a VIP-hall in the airports of Moscow air complex.
• We also can offer the organization of your vacation and a spectrum of tourist services.

Dealing with our company you can be sure that in case of any problems in Russian airports or abroad we will resolve them promptly and on a professional level.


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