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Aeroflot Russian Airlines


Международный аэропорт "Внуково"

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“InterServiceVL” company has been working at the air transportation market for over 8 years already. Our main business area is organization of charter flights on regular basis; however, in the list of services we provide you will also find organization of VIP-flights, cargo air transportation, handling, and many other.

Advantages of our company.
1. Availability of direct contracts with both Russian and foreign air companies.
2. Our employees’ rich experience in the leading air companies of Russia (in particular, “Aeroflot – Russian Airlines”).
3. Many years’ experience in working with national and foreign airports.
4. High efficiency.
5. Reputation of a reliable partner at the air transportation market.
6. Innovative approach to the process of transportation organization, non-standard way of thinking.
7. Availability of a wide variety of aircrafts produced both in Russia and abroad at our disposal.

Our Services

Charter Flights on Regular Basis

Charter flights on regular basis are flights carried out on stated (non changeable) days following the same route. Thus, such flights combine advantages of regular flights (planning nature) and charter (low cost).

Complex approach, professional skills allow us to minimize transportation cost, keeping the service provided and culture of customers’ attendance at a high level.

Cargo air transportation

We offer a wide variety of services in the area of cargo air operations. The company works closely with the leading cargo carriers of the country and can also arrange a cargo charter to any point of the earth at a time convenient to you; we will also help you to select an aircraft which meets a certain task to the utmost level.


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